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Compositing is our bread and butter. If plate work is needed, Revolt 33 Studios will gladly help your production. We will assist with anything within the 2d pipeline start to finish, from uneven green screens to final comps. We provide several 2d solutions for complex problems.


The practice of tracing imagery and generating a matte to manipulate an image sequence. If your production needs the ability to hold out cg assets, we can provide roto splines or rendered mattes.

paint fixes

Wires, rigs, and blemishes are common sights in film production. We provide the skill to deftly remove any and all unwanted sights in your shots.

About Us

Patrick McCormack

Leo Patrick McCormack grew up in Los Angeles and at a young age was working in the film industry as an on-set Production Assistant on ‘The Postman’. By 1999, he


About Us

Formed in 2014, Revolt 33 Studios is a visual effects studio based in Playa del Rey, CA. With early Californian history providing the inspiration, Revolt 33 Studios looks to continue


Jimmy Jewell

Jimmy Jewell grew up in San Jose, CA reading comic books and Fangoria. Art and movies have always been a part of daily life. In 1997 Jimmy was given a


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star wars
Hardcore Henry
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